Kaleidocycles Series - PATTERNS I

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Sooo... KALEIDOCYCLES also called FLEXTANGLES! One of the greatest Paper Toys EVER.

Here is some serious fun coloring, crafting and playing! Patterns for different skill levels, too! It is a craft for the whole family! Us "Oldies" will be inspired by the excitement and imagination of our little ones and the "Youngsters" will watch you in awe how you put the craft together for them.

Find out more at: http://hattifant.com/kaleidocycles-patterns-1/

MATERIALS REQUIRED for crafting the globes:

  • 120gsm Paper (A bit heavier than normal computer paper)
  • Scissors
  • Tape/Glue
  • Coloring Pens


This offer is in A4 (European measurement). If you use US Letter size make sure to set your printer to "Fit to page".

PLEASE RESPECT THE ARTIST'S COPYRIGHT! It takes A LOT OF TIME to create these crafts and coloring pages for you.

For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All art work is copyright of Manja Burton (Hattifant). Copyright is non-transferable. You are not allowed to upload the printable to your server and website to share with others. Please LINK to http://hattifant.com/kaleidocycles-patterns-1/ for people to find the coloring page!

Many thanks!


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Kaleidocycles Series - PATTERNS I

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