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Travel Doll House

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Hattifant's Travel Doll House is an oldtime favorite amongst family and Hattifant friends.

Help build the home of Hattifant's friends Sabine & Tomy. Stripy Socks, their dog and Sammy Salmon, the cat are always close by their feet to not miss out on any of their adventures.

Together they go on monkey hunts (their parents won't believe them when they say that Charlie, the monkey lives in their tree!) or play in the water.

Well, not so much Sammy Salmon but she patiently waits for the little duck to come out of the pool. Socks loves the trampolin, you won't believe it!

But the slide in the playroom is the coolest, there is still some help needed in the kitchen, books to be read in the study & Pinky Bunny invited to a picknick in the garden!

Oooh what to do first???

The Travel Doll House Set comes in PDF format and is a DIGITAL set.

The print out includes instructions on how to make the dollhouse yourself and quality images of house, figures & accessoires that can be cut out and at wish glued on to cardboard.


House is appr. 26cm wide & 23cm high

Materials required:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (to read PDF file)
  • Printer or Print Shop (to print off templates)
  • A4 or US Letter (computer paper) sized paper (normal for house as it is glued on Cardboard)
  • A4 or US Letter sized lightweight cardstock (for figures & accessoires)
  • Cardboard or Foamboard (I used 2mm but less should be fine too)
  • Craft Cutter & Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cutting Board (as protection while using the cutter)


For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All art work is copyright of Manja Burton (Hattifant). Copyright is nontransferable.

This item is a multiple page PDF document that you download to your home computer, print and make yourself. A finished assembled item will NOT be shipped to your home.

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Travel Doll House

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