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Nutcracker & Christmas Angel Posters to Color

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And we are adding to our Nutcracker & Christmas Angel series of coloring fun!

Here are Hattifant's Nutcracker & Christmas Angel Posters in MEDIUM size.

  • The Christmas Angel Poster measures appr. 127cm/50in x 78cm/30.8in
  • The Nutcracker Poster measures appr. 127cm/50in x 52cm/20.4in

You are looking for the GIANT Nutcracker?! Find it here:

And the GIANT Christmas Angel please find here:

Back to our medium sized Nutcracker and Christmas Angel poster though:

With this offer you will receive PDF files of the Nutcracker and Christmas Angel Posters for you to color in!

Find out more at:

There are 14 (Nutcracker) or 21 (Christmas Angel) pages to print and then glue/tape together. This is an easy process - no major puzzle - as all pages are marked and tell you which part goes where.

You will receive instructions and extras, too! :) We all love a little bonus!



  • A Welcome Note & Thank You including Instructions
  • Coloring Pages, post card, foldable Greetings Card, Ornament option, puzzle
  • PDF file for the Nutcracker: 14 pages in one PDF file
  • PDF file for the Christmas Angel: 21 pages in one PDF file


The Nutcracker

  • Poster: appr. 127cm/50in x 52cm/20.4in

The Christmas Angel

  • Poster: appr. 127cm/50in x 78cm/30.8in


  • 120-180gsm paper
  • scissors
  • glue/tape
  • coloring pens and/or water color paint and brushes


This is a digital bundle to download. No physical item will be sent out.

This offer is in A4 (European measurement). Make sure to click "Fit to Page" on your printer if you use a different measurement.

PLEASE RESPECT THE ARTIST'S COPYRIGHT! It takes A LOT OF TIME to create these crafts and coloring pages for you.

For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All art work is copyright of Manja Burton (Hattifant). Copyright is non-transferable. You are NOT ALLOWED to upload the printable to your server and website to share with others. You are NOT ALLOWED to sell on the poster or templates or give away for free. If you see someone doing so please get in touch via manja(at)hattifant(dot)com.

Please LINK to for people to find the poster!

Many thanks!

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Nutcracker & Christmas Angel Posters to Color

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