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Triskele Paper Globes | Easter, Spring & Summer Bundle

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This Paper Craft Bundle here is special, very special. It took me years to complete. So I am most proud to share with you this new TRISKELE PAPER GLOBE Bundle: Hattifant's Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globe Bundle.

These Paper Globes are stunning and are not so tricky to make! I will show you how step by step. If you would like to learn more about Triskele Paper Globes in general then please visit:

There are now quite a few bundles with themes such as Christmas , Hannukah and St. Patricks Day.

In this bundle here you will find 12 unique designs with for example kittens, Easter egg basket, Spring & Summer flowers, butterflies and birds...

Visit Hattifant at to learn and find more pictures about this bundle.

With this Paper Craft Bundle you will receive:

  • 12 unique Triskele Paper Globe designs to Color In
  • 1 Triskele Paper Globe that unites all 12 designs in one single globe
  • 1 blank Triskele Paper Globe template to create your own designs
  • all 12+1+blank designs in 3 different sizes: 10, 8 and 6cm (~ 4, 3.1 and 2.4in)
  • Instruction Booklet & Video Tutorials
  • Scoring Aid templates for all 3 different sizes
  • a Thank You & little Bonus on top

MATERIALS REQUIRED for crafting the globes:

  • template
  • paper (150gsm - 40lb)
  • scoring tool & safety mat
  • scissors
  • double sided tape and/or glue
  • coloring media such as coloring pens but also paints and more


This is a digital bundle to download. No physical item will be sent out.

This offer is in A4 (European measurement). Make sure to click "Fit to Page" on your printer if you use a different measurement.

PLEASE RESPECT THE ARTIST'S COPYRIGHT! It takes A LOT OF TIME to create these crafts and coloring pages for you.

For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All art work is copyright of Manja Burton (Hattifant). Copyright is non-transferable. You are NOT ALLOWED to upload the printable to your server and website to share with others. You are NOT ALLOWED to sell on the physical globes or templates or give away for free. If you see someone doing so please get in touch via manja(at)hattifant(dot)com.

Please LINK to for people to find this Triskele Paper Globe Bundle!

Many thanks!

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Triskele Paper Globes | Easter, Spring & Summer Bundle

4 ratings
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